Tuesday, June 16, 2015


        Homework Banned from Schools

Children under 14 should not have homework because it causes too much stress for children and their families, it cuts into children's free time for sports, and it doesn't help children's education.
First reason i have is it causes too much stress for children and their parents. Many children today in society play sports. But studies show that children are dropping out of sports because their teachers are teaching them homework is more important than sports. They pile the students with homework that seems to take hours to finish. This can have a big affect on the schedule the parents normally had. This causes stress on the parents side. Also homework causes stress on parents because it is sometimes wrong and is taught a different way.

Homework also causes stress on students because students have so much to do in each of their classes, they tend to not do their homework. Studies from children hospitals show that homework raises the risk of a heart attack at an early age. Also stress from the homework causes “obesity, headaches, and alzheimer's disease” from the webmd site. There are many others but these are just the basics. Also homework may cause a child to act different at home away from school. Healthline, a health organization, has done studies on kids that says more than 2 hours of homework is bad for your health is “counterproductive”. “Education scholar Denise pope has found 4,017 students from 10 high performing upper middle class california communities that have their student doing over Does Homework Improve Learning? 3 hours of homework”. These students had health tests and the health tests said that they were very stressed and had reduction in health. 56% of the students said homework was a big stress and took up most of their free time. 43% said test were a stressor. Less than 1% said homework is not stressful.

My second reason is it doesn't help children's education. Homework is the stuff kids have already learned in class. One expert from 1985 concluded “Their is no good evidence that homework produces better academic achievement”. “Four years, Harris Cooper, an educational psychologist, attempted to sort things out by conducting the most exhaustive of the research to date” says Alfie Kohn doing a report on “Does Homework Improve Learning”? “Cooper has included 17 research reports that contained a total of 48 comparisons of students who have and students that don't have homework. There was a 4% difference in the studies that show kids that do homework have the same chances at getting a higher academic achievement than the kids with no homework.” from the article of Alfie Kohn. Homework was a big mistake when it was made. Sometimes homework is misleading. Common core for instance. It has been misleading because it may show you how to do the math but it is often wrong.

Cooper did another test on students to see if there was any difference in test scores in 1998. He used second graders all the way to twelfth graders. Cooper and his students looked at how much homework the teachers assigned in each class. He found 8 different results from his studies. Here they are beneath.

Younger students
Effect on grades of amount of homework assigned              No sig. relationship
Effect on test scores of amount of homework assigned            No sig. relationship
Effect on grades of amount of homework done                   Negative relationship
Effect on test scores of amount of homework done             No sig. relationship
Older students
Effect on grades of amount of homework assigned              No sig. relationship
Effect on test scores of amount of homework assigned            No sig. relationship
Effect on grades of amount of homework done                   Positive relationship
Effect on test scores of amount of homework done             No sig. relationship
These results of the comparisons show everything as negative but the older student that get more homework and have a tiny bit more of a chance with academic achievement.

For my third and final argument homework gets in front of children's sports. Many children in highschool and middle schools have more than three hours of homework. This causes student that do soccer and other sports to miss practices and games. Teachers for years have been saying homework is more important than sports. Its not true and because of what teachers are teaching the student is getting passed on from family to family and they break little kids hearts and having them miss their game. Homework is not as important because your kids health is just as important and even more. Children at this age should be active and have fun until college thats where it gets serious

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Biographical sketch


The interview with my grandma went well. I interviewed her by phone. I chose my grandmother because she is the only one in my family besides my grandpa over 60 that can remember her past with out rambling on about her past. Also she is still in her job and very active.

My grandma is about 5"6 with red hair. Her age is 68 and is still very athletic. She is always a very happy person. When ever things are tough she always makes you feel better about it. She is always delighted to meet someone new. She looks very young for her age. Her voice is very strong and sometimes is raspy. Shes also very strong. She still rides horses and has a ton of animles. She also lives in california and comes down to visit us once in a while in the trailor park at morro dunes.

Here are the answers i asked my grandma at my interview. Q: Why did you become a nurse.
A: So she could help other people in need. "The people that need my help need nurses so i became a nurse because it gave good money and i could help people".Q: Whats your favorite Thing about your job. A: " I like being in the operating room where i can do some surgery. We, at the hospital, do voluntary surgery but we do not do ermergency surgerys. Ive been in the OR for 27 years now. Back when i first started, The operating room was very different. We didnt have all the tech we do now. We also didnt have the cleanest supplies. We would only wash them with soap and water instead of steaming them. The OR was the worst though. When we were performing a operation the other nurses would open a window because the operating room was hot. But that would let a whole bunch of bacteria roam in and land on the person we were operating with. I would have quit right there but when new tech came out i got very excited. i stayed for a little longer and i kept saying ill end in a month but it never happened so i ended up staying for 27 years and that is why i like my job.

Q: How was your school different from more modern schools in todays life in junior high.A:" well, we would usually have got a beating if we didnt do our homework or if we did something bad. Also we didnt have calculators witch made math so hard to figure out like the stuff with decimles or multiplying fractions. we all had to do that by hand. also with english. we had to hand write a bunch of essays and reports. i remember this one essay i had to write. we had to write about our faveriot thing about our life and why. it was more than 8 pages long and i got a a- on it. life in junior high was hard back then and be glad to have a more modern school now. Also the dicipline and subjects were diffrent to. like pe was more about fun than fitness and safty. and science we didnt get to use microscopes a lot we just had to copy from the big books that were boring.Q: what would you have become if you didnt become a nurse.A:" i would have become a vet or a big animle vet just because i love helping things and i love the fact that we can save lives and lesson one dead thing. But another reason is because if i knew that the math courses to be a vet were not as hard as i thought then i would be a vet today but the medicle course i heard for humans wasnt as hard of a course as the vet one was. I had no training in any madicle stuff but i took a biology course befor i became a nurse but this is when i realized that i couldnt become a vet because i had no tutors to help me in the biology section and the perfessors were to busy to teach me whqat i needed to know to become a vet so i just went straight to the medicle class.Q:What was your favriote thing about junior high and why.A:" I liked math a lot and english. i was the only girl to be in the boys shop and had lots of teasing but the boys stopped after i was there for more than a month. After i was done that year i sighned the next year but the school had made a girls wood shop. i as very proud of my self because the class was full befor i knew it. i made a difference in that school. So that how my school was and how helped the girls get into shop.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angel cats

Angel cats is a heart breaking book. It tells how cats save humans lives. Angel cats is one of the best books ive read this quarter. Its somtime so sad itll make me cry. I love this book because people that dont like cats will want to buy one after this book. Cats really do care for humans even when they dont show it. they act smug a lot of the times or haughty. this is because cats sometimes have lots of attitude. But they also love their owners. Cat people are so happy with cats because cats leave you alone. But most of the time they'er sleeping. Although they sleep a lot, most people dont know they'er on they are on theyer bed. Cats are very affectionate as one of the points this book makes.

Monday, March 9, 2015


I dont want to spoil any thing but the martian had a good ending. if you dont want to hear the rest than turn this blog off. it was a very intense book and the ending was the most coolest part. i dont know why but it was the best ending ever! it left us off with a cliff hanger but one that has multiple routes. one is the ship blows up before it gets to earth(boring). another is they reach earth and nasa is the most famouse thing on earth since they rescued mark(exciting). and another is he takes a shower and then is celebrated(lived in poop for a long time. sounds more reasonble). i loved this book and think most people should to.


I just passed sol 499. He just fell in the rover off a cliff. luckly the rover and its trailer he hooked up were fine. But every thing could have been ruined. on the way to his mission he ran into a dust storm. the dust storms happened every 6 months. the dust storm blocks sunlight wich he need to power the rover. so he laid out some solar panels along the way to track if the power went up or down. if it went up he was coming out of the storm but if it didnt he was heading deeper. he did this twice. one going south. and one going west. Turns out the south one was the best route. so he took it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 The martian is pretty intense. I like that marks has a crude sense of humor with lots of bad words but its funny. Can you believe he surviving on mars. I wonder what mars ould be like with oxegen and it heated up a little to mach the atmaspheric velocity as earth by mixing o2 with co2 for plants to live on the martian soil. Would we have enough sun light to survive on mars. could we heat the whole planet with our electricity. would we be able to connect a link between earth and mars and cover mars with solar panels. I wish some one could answer these questions. I like this book because the whole worlds rooting for mark in the book. nasa is getting a lot of comments on how to do there job and interveiws from publishers. They have a lot of stress because if they lose whitney they will lose billions of dollars and maybe there job.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Martian

I am reading The Martian and its pretty funny and intense. It's got a lot chemistry and math which Mark, the main character, needs to use to survive. It would be horrible to be stuck alone on mars with limited supplies. Mark is on sole 199(soles are 39 minutes more than a day) and he just messed up the pathfinder. Pathfinder is a important instrument that communicates with earth. NASA sends him notes and he can communicate back. Well, he just just fried it by sending too many milliamps into it. He was drilling holes into a car like thing named the rover that he was preparing for a long journey. He hooked up a cable wire that had the least amount of milliamps because the drill was small and only used for rock samples. The cable had 10 milliamps so he thought it was o.k. Well, that one extra milliamp caused a huge difference. The whole reason he hooked up the drill was because NASA said recharging the drill would take too long before he made his journey. Now he wishes he would've went with the recharging. That one milliamp fried the drill and sent 9000 milliamps to pathfinder. Pathfinder only ran on 50 milliamps but the 9000 fried it like a piece of toast. So now he lost all communication with Earth. I would have probably lost my mind because being stuck on mars alone would be bad enough. Hes also sitting in a giant poop den that he used to grow 200 potatoes. But the airlock blew off and he almost died.