Thursday, February 5, 2015

Football began all the way from the 17th century. Rules were made as the game went on. Today football is one of Americas largest know sports. The game was made when 25 guys got together and played a game called football. The game was totally different from today’s football but had some similarity. Colleges got interested and started playing football then high schoolers etc. after a while a conference was set up at New York City at a hotel. The rules were more set up like soccer’s than rugby’s rules. The rules were setting around the 1880s. All colleges and high schools had codes and Harvard refused to attend to the rule meeting and kept to their own rules. With Harvard’s absence made it hard for the other universities schedules for their type of football. On May 14 1874 Harvard played the first game under Boston rules. Harvard won that game 3-0. The next game though was a tie. This was a main key stone to modern American football today. Harvard took a liking to rugby and its use of the try, which is not used in modern football. Today we call it a touchdown. Harvard played the editors of football, the contest between Harvard and Yale was in November 13, 1875 under a more modern set of rugby rules called The Concessionary Rules.

Yale lost 4-0 but found the new rules better and kept them. Spectators and reporters took the rules with them to other cities and that’s when The Concessionary Rules became popular. Harvard and 3 other colleges standardized the new code. The 2 most modern things were to kick a field goal and kick goal after touchdown. Yale did not join the group until 1879 because of an early disagreement about how many players could be on the football field and players per team.

Walter camp is one of the most important person ever for American football. He excelled at sports like, tennis, soccer, and baseball. He earned a varsity medals at every sport the school through at him. At a rule meeting he made his first rule at the meeting in 1878. He said there should be only 11 players on the field instead of 15 players on the field. It was rejected at the time but passed at 1880. Originally the pass could only be kicked on the ground but camp made another vote that passed that said that the players can through it with their hand or just pass it off hand to hand. Camp also made the line of scrimmage rules that revolutionized the game, though not always as intended. People used the line of scrimmage to slow down the time clock. Camp also said that the team with possession of the ball should have to move five yards in three downs. Then after these rules were created American football was created.

College football spreaded pretty quickly in the 19th century. In 1880 8 universities were playing football but by the 1900s 40 teams were in football. The University of Michigan was the first university to make a football team. The first western team to travel east was the Michigan team playing Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The rose bowl was the first bowl ever created.

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