Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 The martian is pretty intense. I like that marks has a crude sense of humor with lots of bad words but its funny. Can you believe he surviving on mars. I wonder what mars ould be like with oxegen and it heated up a little to mach the atmaspheric velocity as earth by mixing o2 with co2 for plants to live on the martian soil. Would we have enough sun light to survive on mars. could we heat the whole planet with our electricity. would we be able to connect a link between earth and mars and cover mars with solar panels. I wish some one could answer these questions. I like this book because the whole worlds rooting for mark in the book. nasa is getting a lot of comments on how to do there job and interveiws from publishers. They have a lot of stress because if they lose whitney they will lose billions of dollars and maybe there job.

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