Monday, March 2, 2015

The Martian

I am reading The Martian and its pretty funny and intense. It's got a lot chemistry and math which Mark, the main character, needs to use to survive. It would be horrible to be stuck alone on mars with limited supplies. Mark is on sole 199(soles are 39 minutes more than a day) and he just messed up the pathfinder. Pathfinder is a important instrument that communicates with earth. NASA sends him notes and he can communicate back. Well, he just just fried it by sending too many milliamps into it. He was drilling holes into a car like thing named the rover that he was preparing for a long journey. He hooked up a cable wire that had the least amount of milliamps because the drill was small and only used for rock samples. The cable had 10 milliamps so he thought it was o.k. Well, that one extra milliamp caused a huge difference. The whole reason he hooked up the drill was because NASA said recharging the drill would take too long before he made his journey. Now he wishes he would've went with the recharging. That one milliamp fried the drill and sent 9000 milliamps to pathfinder. Pathfinder only ran on 50 milliamps but the 9000 fried it like a piece of toast. So now he lost all communication with Earth. I would have probably lost my mind because being stuck on mars alone would be bad enough. Hes also sitting in a giant poop den that he used to grow 200 potatoes. But the airlock blew off and he almost died.

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