Saturday, May 30, 2015

Biographical sketch


The interview with my grandma went well. I interviewed her by phone. I chose my grandmother because she is the only one in my family besides my grandpa over 60 that can remember her past with out rambling on about her past. Also she is still in her job and very active.

My grandma is about 5"6 with red hair. Her age is 68 and is still very athletic. She is always a very happy person. When ever things are tough she always makes you feel better about it. She is always delighted to meet someone new. She looks very young for her age. Her voice is very strong and sometimes is raspy. Shes also very strong. She still rides horses and has a ton of animles. She also lives in california and comes down to visit us once in a while in the trailor park at morro dunes.

Here are the answers i asked my grandma at my interview. Q: Why did you become a nurse.
A: So she could help other people in need. "The people that need my help need nurses so i became a nurse because it gave good money and i could help people".Q: Whats your favorite Thing about your job. A: " I like being in the operating room where i can do some surgery. We, at the hospital, do voluntary surgery but we do not do ermergency surgerys. Ive been in the OR for 27 years now. Back when i first started, The operating room was very different. We didnt have all the tech we do now. We also didnt have the cleanest supplies. We would only wash them with soap and water instead of steaming them. The OR was the worst though. When we were performing a operation the other nurses would open a window because the operating room was hot. But that would let a whole bunch of bacteria roam in and land on the person we were operating with. I would have quit right there but when new tech came out i got very excited. i stayed for a little longer and i kept saying ill end in a month but it never happened so i ended up staying for 27 years and that is why i like my job.

Q: How was your school different from more modern schools in todays life in junior high.A:" well, we would usually have got a beating if we didnt do our homework or if we did something bad. Also we didnt have calculators witch made math so hard to figure out like the stuff with decimles or multiplying fractions. we all had to do that by hand. also with english. we had to hand write a bunch of essays and reports. i remember this one essay i had to write. we had to write about our faveriot thing about our life and why. it was more than 8 pages long and i got a a- on it. life in junior high was hard back then and be glad to have a more modern school now. Also the dicipline and subjects were diffrent to. like pe was more about fun than fitness and safty. and science we didnt get to use microscopes a lot we just had to copy from the big books that were boring.Q: what would you have become if you didnt become a nurse.A:" i would have become a vet or a big animle vet just because i love helping things and i love the fact that we can save lives and lesson one dead thing. But another reason is because if i knew that the math courses to be a vet were not as hard as i thought then i would be a vet today but the medicle course i heard for humans wasnt as hard of a course as the vet one was. I had no training in any madicle stuff but i took a biology course befor i became a nurse but this is when i realized that i couldnt become a vet because i had no tutors to help me in the biology section and the perfessors were to busy to teach me whqat i needed to know to become a vet so i just went straight to the medicle class.Q:What was your favriote thing about junior high and why.A:" I liked math a lot and english. i was the only girl to be in the boys shop and had lots of teasing but the boys stopped after i was there for more than a month. After i was done that year i sighned the next year but the school had made a girls wood shop. i as very proud of my self because the class was full befor i knew it. i made a difference in that school. So that how my school was and how helped the girls get into shop.


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